Every great community has catalysts – individuals who bring together people and resources and create the synergy to make good things happen.

That is exactly what professional local government managers do.

Local governments can no longer afford to operate independently. Many services that were previously managed by the states and the federal government have migrated to the local level.

At the same time, federal and state aid to local governments has dwindled, even as they make a slow recovery from the economic downturn of 2008.

To make resources stretch as far as possible, partnership is the name of the game.

Traditional jurisdictional boundaries no longer apply. Governments on the local, regional, state, and federal levels collaborate in new ways.
  • Public-private partnerships fuel local economies.
  • Partnerships between elected officials and professional local government managers keep local governments on an even keel, better able to survive the buffeting they receive from capricious fiscal weather.
  • Non-profit organizations work with local governments to meet increased demand for a range of social needs.
  • Universities partner with local governments to cultivate the next generation of public sector leaders and explore innovations in public service and management.