These resources will help you promote the value of professional local government management.

All the materials, videos, and advertisements are easily customizable, so you can add compelling stories from your community, your government’s logo, or any other relevant local information.


  • Boilerplate Language: This basic description of Life, Well Run can be included in any written materials.
  • Elevator Speech: This one- to two-minute overview of Life, Well Run can be customized, so you can explain the campaign to elected officials, business and civic leaders, students, and residents. Here also are sample elevator speeches (Sample 1 | Sample 2) to describe the work of the CAO.
  • Talking Points: Add these talking points, along with your own personal experiences and anecdotes, when you prepare remarks for formal meetings or speaking engagements.


  • Social Media: These sample messages and tips can be a starting point to encourage a conversation on Facebook and Twitter among people in your city, town, or county.
  • Blog Post: You can post this to your website, or share it with other organizations to post on their websites to spread the word about how to get involved in Life, Well Run.
  • Op-Ed: Identify a local retired elected official who is supportive of professional local government management, help him or her customize the op-ed, and submit it to a local newspaper.
  • Radio Spot: Use this 30-second radio spot as a PSA on your local stations.
  • Videos: These videos provide a general overview of professional local government management. You can customize some of them by adding interviews with elected officials or business and civic leaders from your state. To obtain the templates, contact Ellen Foreman, campaign manager, at 202-962-3511 or [email protected].
  • Sample Print Ads: You can run these ads in your local publications. To obtain the templates, contact Ellen Foreman.
  • Sample Digital Ads: These banner and tower ads can be placed on the websites of your local newspapers and magazines, television stations, or other websites that accept advertising. For the templates, contact Ellen Foreman.

Materials for Target Audiences

These brochures are each geared for a different target audience of the campaign. They are designed as handouts and should be distributed along with the companion piece, “About Professional Local Government Management,” which you can also download below.

  • Every Coach Needs a Quarterback: How professional local government managers help elected officials translate policy and vision into results.
  • You may also give elected officials a free copy of this ICMA book, Leading Your Community: A Guide for Local Elected Leaders. To receive a free copy, just select the link. E-Version
  • Every Symphony Needs a Conductor: How professional local government managers help businesses thrive.
  • Resources for Students and Educators: These materials will help you learn about how local government works and choosing a career as a professional local government manager.
  • About Professional Local Government Management: Download this companion piece for background on professional management and ICMA.
  • About Life, Well Run: Download this piece for information on the Life, Well Run campaign. You can use it as a folder for your other Life, Well Run materials.

Do You Have Questions?

Please contact Ellen Foreman, campaign manager, at 202-962-3511 or [email protected] with any questions on the use of these materials.