Local government is the basic building block of democracy. It touches the life of everyone who lives in the United States many times a day, whether or not we know it.

Most of us take for granted that we’ll have clean water in our homes and workplaces, safe streets, and parks for our kids. We know the trash and items to be recycled will be collected, our neighborhoods will be patrolled, and firefighters or emergency responders are just a phone call away.

That’s why there’s a place for everyone in the Life, Well Run campaign.

If you’re an ICMA (International City/County Management Association) member:

If you’re not an ICMA member, you can still support the campaign:

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  • Become a corporate partner
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
  • Share our videos with other interested parties
  • Write a letter to the editor explaining, and in support of, the work of professional local government managers
  • Invite your professional local government manager to speak to your civic association or classroom.

For more information, contact Ellen Foreman, campaign manager, at 202.962.3511 or [email protected].