As the role of government has evolved, the number of public-private partnerships is on the rise.

Governments partner with the private sector to:

  • build transit systems, roads, and public facilities
  • develop cultural centers
  • attract new college and university campuses
  • make health care more readily available to residents
  • start new programs to decrease energy use
  • mentor students and sponsor school programs
  • purchase a significant amount of materials, supplies, and services for the government itself

Partnerships enable the private sector to have a positive impact on their communities and work with local governments on common goals:

  • Under the leadership of Casa Grande, AZ, Deputy City Manager Larry Rains, a 59,000-square foot sports facility that was the result of a public-private partnership, was built in record time.
  • In Beloit, WI, the city partnered with a private developer to transform historic but rundown housing into affordable housing for the twenty-first century.
  • Evans, CO, couldn’t afford enough balls for all the kids in its youth recreation programs, so the volunteer coaches often ended up buying them with their own money. Thanks to a partnership with the local businesses spearheaded by Manager Aden Hogan, there are now balls for all.