Professionally-managed local government is good for business.

In February 2011, a study by IBM Global Business Services found that professionally managed cities are nearly 10 percent more efficient than those without professional managers.

Professionally-managed communities provide the environment every business seeks when choosing a place to put down roots and invest:

Consistency: Stable leadership, established decision-making processes, and long-range planning provide the long term consistency necessary for a business and community to thrive.

Quality of life: Professionally-managed communities help businesses attract and retain top talent by creating and maintaining the quality of life employees want in a hometown — affordable housing; safe neighborhoods; good schools; playgrounds and parks; responsive emergency services; access to cultural amenities; and ethical, efficient, effective local government.

Good financial management: Sixty-one percent of the 87 U.S. cities that received Moody’s highest rating (Aaa) in December 2009 operated under the council-manager form of government.

Creating a business-friendly environment pays off for communities:

Local governments also purchase goods and services from local businesses. In fact, local government purchases of goods and services account for more than $85 billion each year.