If you are a recent grad or a student looking for your first assignment in local government our student resource page has lots of content that will help you as you begin your job search. We’ve recently added two new resources to help students who are looking for some insights into what’s happening in local government.

What will drive the direction of local government during the next decade and beyond? Where will the “next cities”—those places that possess the characteristics and attributes to attract talented individuals—be located? What implications do the global issues we read about every day (technology, climate change, and demographics) hold for communities and the people who serve and lead them? Check out this 90-minute webcast that looks at the future of local government.

ICMA Student Chapters recently hosted a webinar that focused on job hunting, internships, fellowships, and more. A panel of experts answered student questions and addressed the current environment. This link opens directly to the webinar.

You can find more material in our Student Resources section of the website.