A new version of the Life, Well Run video with Mandarin subtitles reveived rave reviews at ICMA’s first International Regional Summit in Yangzhou, China, May 11-15.

Sponsored jointly with the city of Yangzhou and the ICMA China Center, the summit offered presentations, site visits, case studies, and discussions focused on the theme of “Eco-Friendly Urbanization” and the challenges of sustainable development facing cities in a rapidly urbanizing world.

The summit drew 200 people from eight countries, including representatives of China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development and the China Center for Urban Development under the National Development and Reform Commission, as well as university professors.

It offered opportunities for professional dialogue between ICMA members and Chinese government officials and academia.

In one instance, a forum on “Urban Governance in the Backdrop of China’s New Urbanization” focused on research papers that surveyed Chinese urbanization compared with international practice. While a Chinese strategy of moving people from rural to urban areas is viewed as a way to lift them out of poverty, participants discussed whether increased urban density would threaten the sustainability of urban services.

The ICMA China Center will establish a base in Yangzhou to provide training for Chinese municipal officials and assist the city in accessing management best practices. The Center will also help Yangzhou establish partnerships and exchanges with cities represented by ICMA’s members and international affiliates.

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