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Thank you for your interest in learning more about how to become a Professional City, Town, or County Manager.



Being a professional local government manager is a tremendously rewarding career. Whether you are a current high school, undergraduate, or graduate student, it is never too early to start considering a career in professional local government management.


To learn more about what a Professional Local Government Manager does, visit our Professional Manager Snapshot page, or for a more in depth view, our 2010 report on the Professional Manager Career. To learn how to become a professional local government manager, check out our road map below, or our Becoming a Professional Manager page.


Here are some additional resources for students:

Local Government 101 Need a quick refresher on the structure of local government in the United States? Presenting to a group of high school students? Well Life, Well Run has you covered with this Prezi presentation.

Life, Well Run Presentation for Undergrads Graduate students who are looking to educate other students, particularly undergraduates, about the Life, Well Run campaign can use this power point presentation. Though the PowerPoint is geared towards undergraduates with at least a basic understanding of American government, students should feel free to edit to presentation as they see fit for the level of students they are presenting to.

Become a Professional Local Government Manager College Brochure This brochure will give you the highlights of what it means to become a professional local government manager, and contains a useful list of further resources.

Key Facts about Professional Local Government Managers. Looking for just the facts? This brochure covers the basics, the demographics of local government managers, their duties and responsibilities and their average compensation. This is a great resource if you are strongly considering the local government management career track.

ICMA Student Chapter Program Page The ICMA student chapter program is geared towards students who are currently enrolled in master’s degree programs in the United States and abroad. The goals of the ICMA Student Chapters are to introduce and integrate students into local government and the management profession and familiarize students with ICMA members, resources, and the Code of Ethics. Through chapters, we will also establish connections between ICMA, schools, students, state associations, and managers.

*New* Local Government Job Hunting This link will take you directly to an ICMA Student Chapter Webinar covering today’s local government job market and what it takes to succeed.